Sunday, February 14, 2016

My son and I lost his Dad on April 18th 2015 from a rare cancer he got from the destruction of the WTC on 9/11. I am now on the verge of losing my home. If any of my readers out there could help I would greatly appreciate it. Any amount you could donate will help. Please visit my site at I cannot work because I have MS and am on disability which doesn't even cover the cost of my bills. My son is working and helping out all he can but it is still not enough. He makes $8.50 an hour which is barely enough to keep his gas tank full and buy lunch. The place he works for keeps cutting hours so some weeks he barely makes 20 hours.
Anything anyone could do to help would be greatly appreciated. My prayers go out to all of you.
Thank You
Linda Rogacki

Saturday, October 11, 2014

How To Make a Profit Selling Avon

Once you decide to sell Avon you must learn how to make a profit by not only getting customers but by keeping them.

There are many ways to get customers when you are selling Avon. For example following the rule to talk to at least 3 new people every day about Avon is very important. To do this it is best if you use and know the products that Avon sells, know what is in the current brochure (after all it is your store), and knowing what is in the new brochure that you received with your order.

One great way to keep your customers coming back and make a profit selling Avon is by knowing your current and future brochures in case what one of your customers is ordering is going to be on sale in your next campaign. If you point this out to your customer they will get the chance to order the product now or to wait two weeks and get it at a sale price, plus they will have respect for you as an Avon representative.

You will still make a profit selling Avon this way and you will be gaining a repeat cusstomer which is very important in this field.

Spend time here and join me as I show you what I have learned on my journey of making a profit selling Avon.

Visit my site at and sign up to sell Avon or to shop. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Well I had to do something to make some extra money because the cost of everything is rising, so since I can't physically do a 9-5 job I,
 choose Avon. I also loved their stuff just couldn't get it all the time. If you want to become a representative, you make 20% after your sale is 0 to $149 and it goes up from there. It is not bad for some extra cash and to meet new people. You can join or shop at and use the code lrogacki if you decide to sign up. Or get my info and I will sign you up personally over the phone or in person and make sure you get your Avon starter kit.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Adjust your Meals to Save Money

Be able to adjust your shopping list for those in store sales and save money on your food shopping bill. I always make sure I have an idea of what my family will eat for the week and write my shopping list accordingly, but I also have a few other meals that I can always substitute if things are on special.

That is how I shop, I have my list but if chicken breasts are buy one package get one free and they are not on my list I will change the meals I have planned. This can save you a good amount of money.

Like today I went to the store to do my weekly food shopping and since the price of chicken breasts have gone so high there was only one on my list, but the store had buy one get one free. I picked up two packs of chicken and did not buy the London Broil I was going to get. Two nights of chicken made differently is always good and it means I saved the cost of one nights worth of meat, around $9.00. I always put away what I save and don’t spend it on something else so that was pretty good.

The potatoes were on special for buy one get one free too, so I decided to make potato pancakes for one night’s dinner. That kept me from having to buy the ham I was getting at a cost of $8.95 and more savings for me. I also found the oatmeal I was going to buy at the dollar store and that saved me another $1.50, so far that is $19.45 in saved money on food shopping. That is great for one trip.

I do this all of the time, if something is on sale I buy that as long as it is less than the meal I was going to get. Just those three things saved me nearly $20 and since I have other meals I could make in my memory it is easy to adjust the list. This trip was especially easy.

When you can shop like that, it is amazing how much money you will save on your food shopping bill.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tips for How to Save Money on Food Shopping

Throughout the years I have learned how to save money on food shopping, and these days it is getting easier to do that because the dollar store is getting more food.
Before I go and do my regular food shopping I always stop by the dollar store first to see what I can save money on. It is best if you know the size of the products you would get in a regular grocery store before you go so you can so you can see if there will be any savings if the size or quantity is different.

As for brand name items, I am so used to buying store brands when they are available that I don’t pay too much attention to that. If I buy store brand laundry detergent, I will add a little baking soda to each load of clothes to give it an added boost (baking soda is a very inexpensive cleaner). If I buy store brand sauce, I will add my own spices for more flavor. When you do things like this, you could save well over $30 to $40 on one shopping trip, if I can do it so can you.

I will buy things like individual pizzas, microwave meals for one, tissues when they have ones that are over the 200 count, window cleaner, parchment paper (that is a big savings over the ones in the grocery store).
Items I stay away from are things like foil. The foil in the dollar tree store is flimsy and doesn’t stay on anything very well. If you can’t keep leftovers by wrapping them properly buying the cheaper one will not help you to save money on food shopping in the long run. Occasionally they will have the brand name and that one I will buy.

Many times it depends on what the dollar store received in their shipment, and when you get to the store, but it is worth giving it a try.

All of the items I buy are things I would have purchased anyway and there are plenty of times when I added up the savings on my food shopping bill, and had saved over $40 in one week.

This savings included candles that I wanted to buy, but felt they were way too expensive in the grocery store. In the supermarket or even the grocery isle of some department stores, candles are at least $2.99, but I can get the same size candle that smells just as nice at the dollar store, that is a big savings.

These are just a few tips for saving money on your food shopping bill, there are more ways that I will cover here in time, and there are others in earlier posts. Hope this helps you.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Truth About Independent Repairmen

I just lost money because I was not aware that an independent repairman/technician would not be able to fix my refrigerator because they needed a part right from GE.

I assumed (which I already knew you should never do, but I did anyway) that because my friend and neighbor recommended this person that everything would be fine. I never guessed that he would walk in, check out my refrigerator, tell me he could not fix it because you needed to get the part from GE, and proceed to charge me $82.00 for the visit.

I had no choice but to call GE myself and schedule a repair. When I called I explained to the kind women on the phone that my refrigerator was only three years old and I just had an independent repairman/technician tell me that the compressor was bad. The woman was very understanding, and because this was my second refrigerator from GE she gave me a 50% discount on the parts and labor, and she waved the fee for the repairman/technician to come out.

It turns out it was not the compressor, it was the board connected to it and my refrigerator was up and running the in no time.

So don’t waste money if you need to call a repairman, ask them a few questions first. Like, can you replace any part that might be broken, or will I have to call someone else anyway?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Save Money on Holiday Shopping Using Your Department Store Credit Cards

It is not that hard to save money on Holiday shopping when using your department store credit cards. For instance if you get the Target card attached right to your checking account you will never get any interest payments because the price of you order comes right out of your checking account plus you get 5% off every order and free shipping if you order online. Example I saved $87.00 the last 7 months by using this card. They print it right on the bottom of your receipts. 

Plus at target you can get another savings program right on your phone. It is called Cartwheel, and you can check to see if there are any coupons for what you are purchasing. Once you pick your items all you need to do is show the cashier your phone with the coupons, which are put right onto one screen on your phone, and they scan it right there. Sometimes the savings could be 15% off one item, most are 5% or 10% but every little bit helps. 

I keep track of what I save and then I could spend that much more on holiday gifts. Today alone I saved over $11.00 on an order that came to $60.00, that was by using the cartwheel savings plus my target debit card that comes right out of my checking.

With this you do not even have to worry about putting the money away to pay the bill at the end of the month. You get the savings plus it comes right out of your checking account now that is a great way to save money on holiday shopping with department store credit cards.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to Re-Gift For the Holidays With This Idea

This is a great way to re-gift for the holidays.

How to Re-gift
It works really well when you don’t have the money to get a lot of people gifts for the holidays but you are either having or going to a big gathering.

Everyone has to agree to do this and it can be a whole lotta fun. 

Each person that is going to be attending the gathering plus older children can do this if they understand the rules, which are very easy. Even young children can participate, it is a good way to teach them to be grateful for what they have.

What you do is gather gifts that you got one year for a birthday or Christmas but really never liked or used, and they sat around the house collecting dust, or if you have like new products that you don’t enjoy anymore they are fine to gather up too.

Wrap each “gift” like a new present but don’t put any name tags on them. Each person going to the gathering brings at least one thing or you can have everyone bring as many gifts as there are people so everyone gets a lot of gifts. But be sure that everyone brings at least one so you can be sure that every person there gets something. 

So if 5 people will be at the gathering and each person brings 4 gifts to give to the other people, everyone will get 4 gifts. 

Put them all on the floor or the table and let everyone chose a gift. Wrapping them in a crazy size box helps if you don’t want someone to know what the “gift” is. Everyone can exchange after they open the “gifts” so each person is happy with what they received.

This is a great way to save money on the holidays, everyone is aware of what is going on and is probably thankful themselves that they did not have to spend money on so many people, or feel bad if they can’t afford to.

Everyone seems to have “stuff” that they never use, it could be a Christmas candle that you received as a gift but never used, or a set of plates that you don’t need.  

Whatever the “gift” make sure it is clean and ready to use and you will make someone very happy with your answer to how to re-gift for the holidays

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Great Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving

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Check out these great ways to save money on Thanksgiving. One that tip that I use is borrowing dinner plates.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where to Get the Most Money for Your Old Ipad

If you are thinking of getting a new Ipad or Ipad mini you can get $200.00 dollars for your old one at Target. 

As long as it turns on and the screen is not scratched Target will give you a Target gift card
worth $200.00.
 Check it out at the link below, hurry because it is only good for a few more days.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Save Clothes with Fuzzies by Using Velcro

Save Your Old Sweaters Using Velcro on Clothes With Fuzzies

You can save money on your old sweaters just by using Velcro. 

This is a short tip but it helped me save money but not getting rid of old sweaters that had those little pill fuzz balls on them.

I didn’t even want to wear some of my sweaters when I pulled them out of my winter storage bags because of all the pill fuzz on them. They looked so old, but I couldn’t afford new ones.

Completely by accident, I found a vest that had Velcro on it and it dropped onto one of my sweaters, when I pulled it off I noticed that the little fuzz was gone too.

Since the vest was too small I was going to give it to the Salvation Army, so I carefully removed the Velcro, which it really didn’t need to close as it had a zipper, and used the Velcro to remove all my little fuzzies.

You need the side of the Velcro that is not fuzzy, if you are not sure just try both ends and you will see which one works.

This is just a quick tip to save money on your old clothes and have them looking like new again just by using Velcro.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Earn Money With Your Visa Card

I just recently remembered that my banker enrolled me in the Visa Extras Bonus Zone and I earn money every time I use my Visa Card for a purchase or when I pay bills with my card. I vaguely remember someone asking me about it when I needed to go into the bank for something, but when I saw a commercial I decided to check and see if I was really enrolled.
I said earn money with your Visa Card when you really earn points that you can turn into cash, but same difference as far as I am concerned. 

With this system you really can turn your points into cash, it is not just a few cents going back on your card so you hardly even notice, but when you forget about it for awhile and check your points like I did, you can get a great surprise.

I don’t know the exact date of my enrollment but it was about 8 months ago, and I know I do not use my card all the time for everything I purchase. I do use cash when I go food shopping so I am not tempted to spend more than what I have set aside for groceries and dip into bill money. 

So after about 8 months of not checking my points I went online to Visa Extras Bonus Zone retrieved my password and was shocked when I saw that I had 86,000 points. I had no idea what that was worth or even what I could get at that point, I thought maybe a gift of some sort. But to my surprise I was able to get CASH put on a Visa card, plus 2 Target Gift cards. The choices were Walmart, Kohls, Target, a Cash Card, and others that I didn’t even look at after I saw I could get cash.

I chose 1 $50.00 Target gift card, 1 $25.00 Target gift card, and 1 $100.00 cash Visa card. Can you imagine finding out you have $175.00 in cash that you didn’t know about? The feeling is great, and I wanted to share the information.

Now many of you may already know about this but for those who do not this is a great way to earn some extra money. I say earn because you actually have to do something, you have to use your Visa card for your purchases, keep in mind this is a debit Visa card, not even a charge card.

No Interest -  It’s a Debit Card
I just find this amazing, I don’t even get an interest charge, this card is attached to my checking account so I can only spend what I have. That is how I like to do everything, even when I use my Kohls charge it is only to get the Kohls Cash and discount coupons in the mail, than I pay it off when the bill comes.

Check to See About Enrolling Your Visa

This is not only from my bank, it is offered from Visa. So be sure to check your card on the Visa Extras Bonus Zone website and see if your card will work this way  too. You could be earning money with your Visa card every time you use it.